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THIS BUNDLE INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: (please click on link to read the individual details for each)

"EVERY NEEDFUL THING" Preparedness Planner

Introducing the ULTIMATE Preparedness Planner!! From the housing crisis of 2008 to East Coast hurricanes and from 2 devastating cancer diagnoses to a shift from being a full time mom to full-time bread-winner... our family has been through the WRINGER! The most common question we've been asked is how we have continually survived it all! My answer is always the same... lots of learning the hard way, lots of mistakes, lots of prayer and finally... an understanding that the more organized and prepared we are, the more capable we are of enduring.

This planner is a culmination and organization of everything we've learned, studied and practiced over the last 10 years as we have journeyed to become more self-reliant. This isn't just a bunch of generic checklists and note pages - I guide you through each section with personal writeups, each also complimented with a sheet of suggestions, considerations and tips to help you build a CUSTOM plan for your family in 18 critical areas! So, if the pandemic and economic stress as of late has you all tied up in knots or has you worried about how prepared you are for the future - THIS is the perfect planner for you!

18 PLANNING SECTIONS INCLUDED: Personal Information, 72 Hour Kits, Water Plan, Food Storage, Food Preservation, Food Production, First Aid, Health & Wellness, Personal Hygiene, Sanitization, Pets & Animals, Emergency Equipment, Power Outage, Evacuation, Natural Disaster Plan, Pandemic Plan, Defense & Security, and Contacts & Communication

HOW DOES THE PLANNER DIFFER FROM THE BINDER KITS? My Preparedness PLANNER is just that... a planner. It's 150 pages of planning worksheets that cover 18 areas of general emergency preparedness (like food storage, equipment, water, power, etc). The dividers in my Preparedness BINDER Kit mirror the Planner sections so you have a place to store articles, charts and printouts that you collect AS you plan. My new "GRAB & GO" Binder Kit is ALL about getting your vital documents (like insurance, accounts, pins, passwords, medical records, deeds, titles, etc) in an easy to grab binder so you aren't digging through file cabinets and boxes in an emergency. It also comes with extra worksheets (end of life wishes, passwords, pins, accounts, etc). It would be ideal to grab in an emergency evacuation. It's also valuable to have all of your personal documentation organized in the event of an illness, injury or death when another family member has to step in and put the estate and financial pieces of the puzzle together. All three play an important roll in a complete preparedness plan.



  • Full Color Covers: 100lb Coated Silk Covers w/Clear Vinyl Covers
  • 148 Inside Pages: 28lb Bright White Premium Paper (blk/wht+20color)
  • Spiral Bound


  • 18 Sections: ALL are CRITICAL areas of preparation
  • Writeups & Guides to walk you through each section
  • Intuitive questionnaires to help you establish priorities
  • Guided checklists to help you customize each plan
  • SIZE: 8.5x11 


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