Medicinal Herbs Class {NOTIFICATION} Coming Soon!

Medicinal Herbs Class {NOTIFICATION} Coming Soon!

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Next up in my Preparedness Class Series is Medicinal Herbs! Grab this listing so you get an email notification when classes are available for registration!

Based on the OVERWHELMING response I got on Facebook when I mentioned teaching this class, I thought a "notification" listing would be super helpful to ensure you don't miss the opportunity to register when I launch the class later this Fall! Snagging this listing does not obligate you to sign up for the class (nor does it reserve you a spot) - it simply will allow me an easy and efficient way to notify you of the opportunity to register once it's available.


I love these gorgeous jars on my shelves, but their purpose goes far beyond beauty! It's a hobby that was spurred on a few years ago when we moved to Idaho, but after experimenting, it's become our go-to first line of defense... not just for common/minor bugs, but also chronic situations brought on by Eric's cancer. It's been REALLY cool to manage his health with herbs and help reduce the medications he has to take! LIFE. CHANGING!! Especially after cancer!! A balance blend of both herbs and modern medicine has been a very successful approach for us! ❤
The more we've learned and used them, the more we've incorporated them not just into our day to day routines, but also as a big part of our emergency and self-reliance plan. Medications and health is a very overlooked aspect of preparedness! Imagine if your pharmacy was shut down for 30 days or more... what would you do? Some of us, like Eric, are on life sustaining prescriptions - so it's IMPERATIVE to have a plan for at least a short term disruption!
Society often forgets that pharmaceuticals mainly originate from the study of plants and organic compounds. For example, did you know Asprin and Tylenol came from compounds found in the bark of certain trees? The tablets you take are basically a synthetic (man-made mass produced) version of these compounds found in nature. Penicillin - another great example... you know the story of the mold on the bread, right? Antibiotic salves... same thing; and the list goes on (and on)!
It makes perfect sense that medicine has evolved the way that is has... a tablet is easier to produce, convenient to take, increases accessibility to the masses, fine tunes accurate dosing, decreases the effort (can you imagine every time you have a headache going outside picking bark and boiling it into a tea)? 🤦‍♀️ Modern medicine is convenient and awesome; but it has disconnected us from its origins and we've become VERY dependent on a doctor just giving us a pill.
So - while I absolutely rely on and believe there is a FIRM place for modern medicine (we used it to cure Eric... TWICE). I also believe there is a GREAT NEED to be educated and aware of what specific plants and herbs can help you and your loved ones in case the modern stuff is unavailable AND/OR - with inflation or job loss, the modern stuff might become unaffordable. So, it should at least be a consideration, if not an important part, of your emergency plan.
I wouldn't call us experts by any stretch, but we definitely have built a valuable knowledge that is not only fun and interesting, it's also kept us healthy AND we've been to the doctor a heck of alot less the last few years! ❤🌱 If you are interested in learning more... grab this listing and I will send you an email when the class is ready for registration; most likely late January 2022. 🙂
One last thing...
What I do know is... you'll FAINT when you find out that your husband just killed a bunch of medicinal herbs with Round-Up... 🥺 thinking they were weeds, (I can pretty much guarantee everyone has some of the best ones growing in their yard naturally as we speak)! You'll also faint when you try one and are starkly reminded how special the world and its creation really is. 🌍🌿💙 It's an eye-opening GAME CHANGER when you realize there is literally definite (and divine) wisdom in learning how to use herbs in their season. ❤


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Medicinal Herbs Class {NOTIFICATION} Coming Soon!

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Medicinal Herbs Class {NOTIFICATION} Coming Soon!

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