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If emergency preparedness has been on your mind
and you feel the need to get your PREPAREDNESS ACT TOGETHER...
you are absolutely in the right place!

My SIMPLE and CREATIVE approach to preparedness will leave you feeling more peace of mind and the motivation to get it done. I've been through the wringer with both personal and natural disasters... so YOU get to learn from my mistakes! I'll quickly cut your learning curve and help you focus on the most important stuff so you can get oriented quickly, get organized and done... then move on with the rest of your life!
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✱ OPTION 2: TRIO + USB (5 Video Classes; MP4 Video Format):
These video classes are designed to help you get the most out of key sections in my planner. They've been atteneded live and via video by thousands of people and are a great way to jump start your preparedness journey! I share with you my best tips, tricks and favorite resources so you can hit the ground running. You'll feel like we're sitting at the kitchen table and I'm walking you through it - simplifying it as I go!

  1. Food Storage Part 1 (Length: 1 Hr 43 Min) + 2 pg PDF
  2. Food Storage Part 2 - Recipes & Microgreens (Length: 2 Hr 6 Min) + 9 pg PDF
  3. 72 Hour Kits, Organization & Evacuation (Length: 1 Hr 29 Min) + 5 pg PDF
  4. Water & Power (Length: 1 Hr 40 Min) + 7 pg PDF
  5. Intro to Medicinal Herbs (Length: 2 Hr 30 Min) + 9 pg PDF

NOTE:  The Herb Class is included in Option 2, but the Herb Binder is not included in the TRIO. The reason it's not included is it's a specialty product that not everyone will be interested in - but I included the class on the USB so you can watch and see if it's something that interests you! If you would like my Herb Binder Kit (Print & Ship) - you can purchase it in the "SUITE" bundle HERE.


"EVERY NEEDFUL THING" Preparedness Planner: This planner is a culmination and organization of everything we've learned, studied and practiced over the last 10 years as we have journeyed to become more self-reliant. This isn't just a bunch of generic checklists and note pages - I guide you through each section with personal writeups, each also complimented with a sheet of suggestions, considerations and tips to help you build a CUSTOM plan for your family in 18 critical areas! So, if the pandemic and economic stress as of late has you all tied up in knots or has you worried about how prepared you are for the future - THIS is the perfect planner for you!

  • 18 PLANNING SECTIONS INCLUDED: Personal Information, 72 Hour Kits, Water Plan, Food Storage, Food Preservation, Food Production, First Aid, Health & Wellness, Personal Hygiene, Sanitization, Pets & Animals, Emergency Equipment, Power Outage, Evacuation, Natural Disaster Plan, Pandemic Plan, Defense & Security, and Contacts & Communication

  • PLANNER HIGHLIGHTS: Writeups & Guides to walk you through each section, intuitive questionnaires to help you establish priorities, guided checklists to help you customize each plan, SIZE: 8.5x11

  • PLANNER PRINT SPECS: Full Color Covers: 100lb Coated Silk Covers w/Clear Vinyl Covers, 148 Inside Pages: 28lb Bright White Premium Paper (blk/wht+20color), Spiral Bound, includes DIY Sticker Tabs

GRAB & GO "Vital Documents" Binder Kit: This BINDER KIT is a GREAT place to organize and consolidate ALL of your most important documents, certificates, titles, deeds, statements, finances, identification and more! Not only is it imperative in an evacuation situation to take important and vital documents with you; it can also be essential if death, illness or injury necessitate a family member coming in to handle affairs. It can also help you rebuild personal records if your home is lost in a fire or other disaster.

  • 12 TITLED DIVIDERS INCLUDED: Identification, Contacts, Emergency Plans, Homes & Properties, Auto/Boat/RV, Banking & Bills, Investments, Medical, Belongings, Business & Employment, Legal, Pets & Animals (Each divider includes Tips & Instructions AND Checklists & Suggestions)!

  • BINDER KIT HIGHLIGHTS: Includes a 4 GB USB for saving digital copies of your important records, 12 Self-Adhesive Plastic Tabs + printed tab inserts. Also includes a small worksheet packet (12 sheets): 6 Personal Info Sheets, 1 Family Evacuation Plan, 2 End of Life Wishes, 1 Online Password List, 1 Banking Passwords & PINS, 1 Belongings Sheet. Front & Back Covers + two spine options (1" & 2") also included.

  • BINDER KIT PRINT SPECS: Full Color Covers & Dividers (100lb Coated Silk Glossy Paper), Binder Spines (1" & 2"), 1.5" plastic Self-Adhesive Tabs & printed tab inserts (DIY). Actual 3-ring binder NOT included. SIZE: 8.5x11

FOOD STORAGE RECIPE BOOK: One of the reasons tackling food storage is overwhelming and expensive is because we try to base it on the way we eat TODAY. Food storage, however, is not for NORMAL times. It's to sustain your family in times of emergency like job loss, economic downturns, inflation, disasters, shortages, etc. During those times you don't need a huge meaty entree with 3 side dishes and dessert every night. You need familiar food that is filling, satisfying and sustaining. By methodically collecting recipes that MATCH what you are storing, your family can still thrive! 

  • HIGHLIGHTS: 5 Categories (Main Dishes, Snacks & Sides, Breads, Desserts, Mixes & Blends), 21 recipes to get you started, 85 blank recipe pages, Spice Inventory, Conversions/Substitutions, Food Storage Layering Chart

  • PRINT SPECS: Full Color Covers: 100lb Coated Silk Covers w/Clear Vinyl Covers, 94 Inside Pages: 28lb Bright White Premium Paper (blk/wht+20color), Spiral Bound, includes DIY Sticker Tabs 


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