2019 YW Girls Camp Journal {HALF SIZE} PRINTABLE

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Looking for a fun, colorful 2019 Camp Journal for Girls Camp? This fun journal (half sized 8.5x.5x) makes a great gift on the first day of camp... then can be used throughout the week to record certifications, personal study and even some doodling! Great for taking on a hike to record thoughts, impressions, questions and testimony too! Plus, with lots of cute pages to choose from - you can use one, all or a combination of colored and plain!

★ Half Sized (8.5x5.5)
★ Give Them as Gifts the First Day!
★ Great for recording Activities, Certifications & Testimony
★ Can be used for notes during firesides and classes
★ Colored, coordinating pages + plain white lined (use one or both)
★ Extra Cover: "My Camping Journal" with no year.
★ BONUS FILES: Coordinating Pen Inserts/Bottle Cap Image!

INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING: This listing includes four PDF's and one 4x6 jpeg (bottle cap images). The covers and inside pages are provided in two ways... first, as single pages that have to be individually trimmed and second is a borderless option where you just print and trim down the middle. Print whichever version works best for you. The easiest and least expensive option is to just print the plain white lined pages, double sided - then just add as many pages to your journal as you would like. I typically do 25 sheets (which, back to back is 50 copies) then when cut in half, makes 100 journal pages total.

TIPS FOR PRINTING & ASSEMBLY: For best results, print front/back covers on card stock or photo paper and laminate (for best color, use your printer's best quality print setting and glossy paper). Interior pages should be printed on regular white copy paper using a normal ink setting. To bind, use personal binder or take to a copy shop and have spiral bound. You determine how thick your journals are by the number of interior pages you add!

HOW TO MAKE YOUR PENS... (Designed for RSVP Pentel Pens) - It's simple! Just print, trim the strips, roll around a pencil to create a rolled curl, then insert into pen tube (see graphics for picture tutorial).

TIPS FOR PRINTING the 4x6: For best results, when ordering your prints from a photo lab, choose glossy and de-select the "auto fix" or "color correction" option if one is given. Note: Ink from a laser printer does not work well if you plan to use epoxy stickers (works fine with ink jet printers, glossy photo paper recommended if printing at home). Another tip if printing at home - be sure to use your printer's "BEST" quality print setting and set your paper size to 4x6. On mine as shown in the pictures... I printed at home on an ink jet and used "BEST" quality print setting on glossy photo paper.

TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR BOTTLE CAP: After printing, punch image with 1" round punch and adhere to epoxy sticker. Then, glue it to the inside of your bottle cap l using E6000 glue (it's specifically designed for using with metals), however the fumes are very strong - so use caution, store away from children/pets and only use with care following instructions. I then used the E6000 glue to adhere the bottle cap to the 4" paperclip.




TERMS: Print as much as you'd like for yourself & to make gifts!

  • Customer is purchasing printable/digital file
  • Customer to print/assemble
  • Personal Use Only (Gift Use & Fundraising OK)
  • Customer CANNOT distribute, forward or share digital file
  • Customer CANNOT sell items made from this printable

Commercial/Mass Printing Prohibited

A few printing tips...

✔ PDF's are 8.5x11 and can be printed at home or a copy shop
✔ I recommend using photo or glossy brochure paper for PDF's
✔ If printing at home, use your printer's BEST quality print setting
✔ JPEGS are formatted for printing at a photo lab

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