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This Sticker Kit can be used to add a splash of Latter-day lifestyle to ANY PLANNER!! It is specially designed to coordinate with my Spring Collection and to give you a functional set of LDS related stickers to decorate and color coordinate your planner! And, because it's printable... you can print MORE of your favorite sheets!

★ Each Sheet measures 6"x8.5"
★ Perfectly sized for punching and storing in a half-sized binder!
★ Or... PUNCH and bind at the end of your planner!
★ PDF also included for cutting by hand with scissors

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This listing comes with 6 JPEG Images --> Three are the colored sticker sheets (as shown) and three are matching black sticker shaped sheets that will come in handy as I teach you how create your OWN Silhouette Cut File using your Silhouette Studio Software! Detailed written instructions with screen shots are included with your download.



Sheet 1 Includes: 12 Ribbon "Check Off" Sticker Strips, 30 "Dot Icon" Stickers (fhe, church, family history, music, etc), 6 Weekly Family Scripture Reading Trackers, 6 Weekly Family Prayer Trackers, 9 Reminder Flags, 4 Tags with Ties (to mark Priesthood events, mtgs), 8 Accent Stickers (hearts, ribbons, flag)

Sheet 2 Includes: 9 Temple Flags, "Feed the Missionaries" Stickers, 4 "Serve" Hearts, 40 "Dot Icon" Stickers (VT, HT, Temple, Take Meal, etc), 6 "Food Assignment" Reminders, 18 Reminder Flags (clean church, lesson reminders, etc), 16 Ribbons for Journaling and "My Calling"

Sheet 3 Includes: 6 "Ponderize" Tags, 6 "Personal Study" Trackers, 6 FHE Assignment Trackers, 3 Misc Reminder Labels



DO I NEED A SILHOUETTE CUTTING MACHINE? Yes. This set of printable stickers is designed for and intended to be used with a Silhouette Cutting Machine (either Cameo or Portrait). You can print and trim the stickers by hand with scissors and peel the backs off, but let's be honest - that would be a huge painstaking task!! These files may or may not work with the Cricut Machine- I don't have one and don't know how to set up "kiss cutting" for that machine.

WHAT IS "KISS CUTTING"? Kiss Cutting is when the machine cuts exactly along the edge of an image AND it uniquely only cuts the top sticker sheet (not the backing) so your image becomes a peel-able sticker! Cool, huh - and I'll teach you how to do it!

WHERE CAN I GET STICKER PAPER? You can use any full sheet label paper or full sheet sticker paper to make your stickers. Below are two brands I use and recommend...

✔ Glossy Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper:
✔ Matte Inkjet Sticker Paper:

GLOSSY vs MATTE STICKER PAPER - What's the difference? If you use glossy sticker paper, you will always get a crisper, more vibrant color result (from any printer) -> BUT... writing on glossy stickers is not ideal. Most pens won't write on them, Sharpies work - but that's not typically an ideal pen for a planner (because if you write on a non-sticker area, it will bleed through to the other side of the page. Matte sheets will not print as vibrantly, they will be more muted... BUT you can write on them with any pen or even pencils (Gel Pens are my fave). Most planner sticker enthusiasts prefer Matte for their functionality.

PRINTING TIPS: I print all of my stickers at home on my HP Inkjet printer. For a high quality print, I always select the type of paper I'll be printing on (glossy or matte, depending on what I'm printing), then I also choose the "BEST" quality print option. All printers are different, ink quality also varies - so your stickers may not appear exactly as mine do on the screen. Slight color variations should be expected.


TERMS: Print as much as you'd like for yourself & to make gifts!

  • Customer is purchasing printable/digital file
  • Customer to print/assemble
  • Personal Use Only (Gift Use & Fundraising OK)
  • Customer CANNOT distribute, forward or share digital file
  • Customer CANNOT sell items made from this printable

Commercial/Mass Printing Prohibited


A few printing tips...

✔ PDF's are 8.5x11 and can be printed at home or a copy shop
✔ I recommend using photo or glossy brochure paper for PDF's
✔ If printing at home, use your printer's BEST quality print setting
✔ JPEGS are formatted for printing at a photo lab

✱ DISCLAIMER: The Latter-day Saint themed products offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are neither made, provided, approved nor endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the goods offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are solely those of MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS and not those of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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