If preparedness has been on your mind... you aren't alone!

With wildfires, hurricanes, a pandemic, lockdowns, riots, elections, bare shelves and a bunch more craziness all going on at once... it's a bit unsettling these days to say the least! So, if you have been feeling an urgent need to get your PREPAREDNESS ACT together... I have a planner that you MUST SEE!



From the housing crisis of 2008 to East Coast hurricanes & extended power outages to 2 difficult cancer battles & more than one drastic income shift... our family has been through the RINGER! We learned the HARD WAY that getting our preparedness act together SHOULD HAVE BEEN a priority! Well... it is now and this planner is a culmination of everything we've learned, organized, AND practiced over the last 10 years!

We broke our Preparedness Planner into the following categories:

Within each planning section, you'll find a personal writeup that explains why each area needs your attention + worksheets, suggestions, tips and questionnaires to help get you thinking about your family's specific needs in that area. Then, you'll find checklists, project plans, inventory sheets, shopping lists, and specific places to record plans as you develop them - all in a guided fashion. Preparedness is not a "one size fits all" checklist; every family will plan differently. This planner allows flexibility based on your family size, your location, what types of emergencies you feel should be your focus, your budget, your priorities, etc.

Below is a sample of what you'll find in each section...

Whether your motivation to prepare comes from living in an area prone to natural disasters or a personal feeling you need to get your home in order... and whether you are already preparing or just need to find a place to begin... this planner will help you ORGANIZE, outline and accomplish goals that will bring you peace during uncertain times. It might also be a timely gift to other families you love!

This planner is available as a printable that can be downloaded and printed at home or at your local copy shop; or as a printed/bound planner that is shipped directly to your home. 


For a video tour of the insides, pictures and to see more sample pages - click on the options below:

I hope you let our years of trial and error be to YOUR ADVANTAGE!  As you work through each section, your preparedness will accelerate, your goals will be guided (yet will be personal and prioritized), and in time - we hope you feel this planner will make a difference in how your family is able to handle the next emergency that comes your way!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at colette@mycomputerismycanvas.com!

As part of my planner launch, I wanted to do a giveaway! Two winners will be chosen - one wins a physical planner shipped to them (with a special surprise) and the second wins the printable version!

Enter below... winners will be announced on Thursday evening (10/22)!

Congrats to my winners!!
Kacee ChanChan (Print & Ship + book); Kristen Shirley & Sharon Smith win the printable!

A sneak peak of the prize:
"Every Needful Thing" Preparedness Planner with Sticker Tabs
+ "I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows" Children's book!

"I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows" retold by Heather L. Davis

Now available to purchase as a bundle with the planner!