IMPORTANT NOTE: I sell digital files or "printables" in this shop. No physical print or product will be shipped unless the listing is explicitly labeled as "Print & Ship". Customer is responsible for downloading, printing and assembly.  

✱  Print quality may vary depending on paper quality, ink quality and print settings. For best results, consider printing PDF's at a copy store and ordering photo prints of JPEG images. For help with printing (troubleshooting and tips), click HERE and HERE.

RETURN POLICY: Because you are purchasing a file that is transferred electronically, there really isn't any way for you to "return" or "exchange" your file. However, it is my priority to make sure you are happy with your purchase. On a case by case basis... a full refund, adjustment discount or "file exchange" may be considered if the circumstances surrounding your order dictate a fair adjustment. If you make a mistake with your order, no worries. I'm always happy to make corrections or resend files.

TERMS OF USE: All designs, printables and images (both free and sold) created by me (or my team) are the sole property of My Computer is My Canvas INC.  My products are for personal use only and CANNOT be shared, distributed or sold in any form including digital, print, original or altered. Downloading does not automatically grant you permanent right to use the digital item. My Computer is My Canvas INC retains ownership of every download. Download links provided are not guaranteed for any length of time and may deactivate at anytime. We are not responsible for lost files or files not downloaded. Below are some additional allowed permissions:

          ✔ Making up Printables to give as Gifts is OK
          ✔ Making up Printables to use in Fundraisers is OK
          ✔ Making up Printables for a church/craft activity is OK

Clarification of how you CANNOT use my printables:

          ✔ You CANNOT sell my printables in any form (digital or physical)
          ✔ You CANNOT sell my printables in any form at craft fairs or online
          ✔ You CANNOT share or email my printables to others

PRINT RELEASE: A print release is provided on the receipt emailed to you when you purchased your printables. Some copy shops may ask or require proof of permission to print.  If so, simply print your receipt and take it with you.

SALES TAX: Sales tax is collected and remitted in Idaho for any item that is shipped/mailed to customer.