Below are answers to some of our most common questions regarding printing issues... 

Q. Something is wrong with my bottle cap images, they are printing HUGE!!

Don't forget, all of my bottle cap images are formatted as 4x6 JPEGS making them ideal for ordering just as you would any photo print.  However, if you choose to print them at home, be sure to set your paper size to 4x6 or your printer will try to fill the space of an 8.5x11.  Another tip, if ordering as photo prints, be sure to de-select "auto color correction" if the option is offered (this is an option to pay attention to, especially when ordering prints from Costco).

Q. I'm trying to order my prints at Costco, but my file is an 8.5x11. Can you resize to an 8x10?

Don't forget... PDF's are 8.5x11 and designed for printing at home or at a copy shop like Staples.  JPEGS are designed for photo printing and can be ordered from your favorite photo lab in standard photo sizes (ie... 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc).  When designing, I choose the best format for the project.  Please order your PDF's from a copy store and your JPEGS from a photo printer if you are not printing at home.

Q. When I open my folder I can view the image, but it won't let me print!

If this is the case (that you can see the images, but can't print them) - it's most likely because you have not unzipped the folder.  To make automatic delivery faster and more efficient, I have to zip multiple files together.

  • To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Q. My prints never turn out as bright as your photos. What am I doing wrong?

Print quality varies depending on a few factors. First, the quality of paper is KEY - I always use paper with a glossy finish... whether it's glossy photo paper or glossy brochure paper.  Ink soaks into the fibers of your paper, but the glossy finish helps keep the ink on top. I figure if my printer is outputting the ink anyway - I'd MUCH RATHER it sit on top of glossy paper than soak into cheap paper and be dull.  Next tip is using your printer's BEST quality print setting.  This make a HUGE difference in the output quality.  For additional info on the paper I buy and the printer I have and how I manage my ink expense, click HERE.

Q. Can I add text before I print?

There are actually lots of ways to add text to any PDF... I'll list a few of them below:

  • USING WORD: Open Word (first), click "OPEN" and choose the PDF you want to add text to. Word will automatically convert it and you can add text using the "insert text box" function. This option can be done on any 2013 Word version or newer.
  • USING ADOBE READER: You can use the "add comment" function when it's open in Adobe Reader. Need the most current version, it's free! --> 
  • USING A FREE ONLINE PDF EDITOR: I like (but there are lots of others, just do a search to find one you like). You simply upload the PDF, use their editing tools (the free ones), then download and save with your changes. Fancier edits can be done with fancier (not free) programs... some free websites do have file size limits.
  • USING A MAC: If you are a MAC user, a customer recently did a YouTube Tutorial on how to add text to my printables using the App “Previews”. Here’s the link: