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General Conference Journal for spring 2023 is even better than last year.

I love all the fun features for preparation and of course the format for taking notes and then further study is wonderful, but this time she added graphics for some of the talks from the previous conference. Brilliant.

General Conference Printable

I absolutely love the printables that Colette has put together - always super cute and stylish - as well as helpful and useful!! Thank you so much Colette for all you do!! ❤️


My migraine's have been so hard to deal with over the years. This stuff helps in ways I can not describe. Tried the little one. Will be getting the big one here soon. This stuff is absolutely amazing!! So many uses. Back pain, gone. Old knee's, not a problem.

Halloween nugget wrappers

These turned out so cute! I can hardly wait to give them out
Thank you!

Beauty & Function

Don't tell the men that this made their meetings go faster or that it kept them from over booking them selves! 😂

Beautiful & Function

Such a lovely planner, very well thought out!
I changed callings & left mine with the counselor staying! 🩷


My dad has neuropathy in his hands and feet as a side-effect from chemotherapy. I bought him the Hemp salve to try. It has been a lifesaver for him! He puts it on his feet at night which gives him the relief he needs to get to sleep.

What a blessing!

This Bones and Joints salve has been a great blessing to me. I am truly amazed by how much it has helped my knees.

What did I do before this?

Actually, I know what I did before I discovered these Conference journals--I didn't really take notes. Way back when, I bought a very simple version of this product and reused it every year. Then in 2019 or so, there was a special journal for conference, new lay out and I really liked it. It has been revamped again, so that there are quotes from the conference before, suggestions on how to prepare and things like that. Yes, I could just use the same old file for every conference, but it is so nice to have a fresh looking cover and everything for each conference. AND it make a great gift for my bestie each conference.

Helps Me Stay Organized

I am a newly called Primary President. I spent the first few months just writing notes in random places. I purchased this planner a month ago and it has helped me stay organized and on top of all things Primary. It is so nice to have all my Primary information in one place!

Adorable gifts

The colors really pop and are nice and bright. Made a few here and there for bday gifts and they always love them. Unique gifts are always a pleasure to hand out to friends/family, and these are unique. Easy/quick download, and the files are very easy to work with. Thanks for always having such great items; and thanks for adding the minis to your collections. :)

Awesome wrappers

The colors on these pop and are beautiful. Made a bunch up for our July 4th gathering and everyone loved them. Easy/quick download, and the files are very easy to work with. Thanks for always having such great items.


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General Conference Journal

I have use these journals for years! I LOVE them. So nice to take to Relief Society after confer and have my notes. Also love the extra space for taking more notes in class! I will continue to purchase one every conference!

Great gift idea

I made this into a candy bouquet for a friend's birthday. She loves gnomes and loved this little gift!

Before and After

This layout is genius! I love that I can take notes while watching conference and then right next door is the perfect place to review it again later. Just perfect!

A must have

I love headache relief for its obvious use, and it works fast. I take a medication that upsets my stomach and because there is peppermint in this one I gave it a try. Worked like magic, upset stomach gone!!! I will never be without it.


I have been a Burts Bee user for years. Not anymore! This DANDELION Lip Balm is my new go to favorite. I am using chapstick less and my lips feel so moisturized. I already loved the Dandelion salve and this is just an added bonus!

You Must Try This!

I absolutely love the Happy Feet Salve! My heels were so rough that I could hear them catching on my carpet .. gross .. I know! But after using Happy Feet regularly every night for about a week .. they started to get softer and softer and .. now .. my heels are nice and soft and don’t catch on the carpets anymore! No more dragon feet for me!!!!!

Just right!

I needed a study journal for my institute class and when I saw this I knew it would be perfect! And of course the cuteness factor makes it even easier to study :)

Christmas planner kit

Great way to keep all my Christmas lists and plans in one convenient place!

Tiny salves pack a Giant punch

I'm so happy that I have found these salves. I keep them on me at all times and have purchased them for friends and loved ones. The neuropathy salve has quickly become a favorite for pain relief and dandelion is a multi-tasker!

BEST product for menstural cramps!!

My daughter was having horrible menstural cramps a few months ago. I gave her the Lady Cramp Calmer and within 15 minutes of using it, her cramps were gone. We will never be without this salve again!!

So Soothing, quick healing

This is so gentle on skin and doesn't give the initial stinging sensation that always happens when we use neosporin (besides the lack of white allergic film from neosporin). Myself as well as family and friends are always so amazed at how quickly the cuts and scrapes on my rough and tumble little boys heal; between this and the Fall Salve, the results are amazing! Firdt thing they always ask for when any bumps or bruises show up.

Rhonda Tilley
Best Ever!

Love this salve! Earlier this week, I burned my arm from the steam while boiling corn. Put the dandelion salve on, and the sting was gone almost immediately. Also works great on mosquito bites. Helped my daughter heal her hand after it had a extremely deep cut.