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Presidency Planner

My granddaughter is a newly-called Primary President. She will love this planner to help her with her calling..Thank you!

Valentine's Nugget Wrappers

I love using the nugget wrappers as an easy gift for teachers and friends. The Valentine's ones were so cute! Perfect for what we needed. Thank you!

Valentine Nugget Wrappers

What a sweet way to give a little Valentine treat!!

Valentine Nugget Wrappers

These wrappers are adorable! Thank you for all the Beautiful things you create. They make celebrations so wonderful !

Great project


These were so fun to make and send to family and friends!

I loved how easy these were to print and stick on the candy bars, and then they fit just right into a snack baggie and the topper made it so perfect! You can even edit the top! (though for some reason I forgot to on the one in the photo, haha!)

Cute Valentine Wrappers for Nuggets

These were easy to print and very easy to use.

Love my dandelion Rose facial salve.

I absolutely love all the salves and this one I use morning and night, I never go a day without it. Love it so much. Colette you are fabulous

HEMP Salve {Neuropathy}
Rhonda Sturgill
Wonderful Product

I have made and used herbal infusions and tinctures most of my life. I learned to forage and make natural remedies from my grandparents. I tried to pass things along to my children when they were young, and I've tried to teach my grandchildren what can be done with the "weeds" in the yard and the woods. Health issues have made it hard for me to get out and forage much now. I am so glad that you followed your heart Lettie and are producing wonderful salves that WORK much better than the medications prescribed by my Dr. I ordered the Neuropathy salve to help with some of the painful muscle spasms in my arms and legs that is caused by the Multiple Sclerosis. It worked so well that I ordered more for my husband to keep with him. I also ordered different types of salves for my family. This Neuropathy salve has worked wonders for my arthritic hands too! Pain free is the way to be!

Dandelion Salve

Collette was right, Dandelion Salve makes a great eye application, especially at night. No more dryness in the corners of your eyes upon waking. The skin is soft and moisturized. I love this salve. I bought a .5 oz tin first and an 8 oz jar after that was gone. I use it on any dry skin area -- lips too.
Just Gotta Have It!

Valentine {Care Package Kit} PRINTABLE

Cutest stuff ever! Collete always thinks of every detail they were so fun to use for our yw heart attack.

Bone ache no more

I always have cold time joint pain!! I started using this stuff and I have been taking less pain medication because of it!! Great salve

Helped when I needed it most

This stuff is absolutely amazing. Congestion, add a little too your chest and feel the relief instantly. Thank you from when I needed it most!!

These were perfect for our Primary birthday treats! Great colors and easy to use. Thank you!

I stuck them all over the house for Valentine’s Day and put the other set up at work for a fun surprise for everyone! They loved them! Thanks so much!

They were great! Your instructions made it so easy!!

So great for scripture study!

I bought this for my youngest to be able to follow along while participating in family scripture study, but I've now printed them for my 10, 11, and 14 year olds. The file is easy to use and the images are so sweet. I love the BONUS stickers, because it has gotten my younger kids to listen and read more carefully to see if there's a scripture they want to put their bonus sticker on, either a heart or an image of the Savior. Thank you!

Bloom to Balm

I have very dry Lips. The Bloom to Balm does a marvelous job at keeping my lips soft and moist. Highly recommended!!

Love it

I love the February printable!! Like all the other printables I’ve bought, this one is great!!

Love these!

I love all the bar wraps!! They make such a a cute & easy gift to share with neighbors and teachers. Thank you!!


My Primary class has loved the storyboard!!!

Subway Art

This is a fun little piece. If you like to display subway art, this is a good way to kick off the winter months.


This will be a fun winter gift to give my grandkids next winter. You cease to amaze me on your creative ideas.