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A wonderful salve for a pet

My granddaughter had a kitten that had a very bad wound. After all we could do it looked like we would need to take her to the vet. I let her borrow my Pet Salve. The next day it was greatly improved. The second day it was decided that a trip to the vet was unnecessary. A few days later it was all better! It also heals the wounds that our dogs get from thorns that they get when playing in the weeds outside.

Daily favorite!

I use this everyday and I love how it makes my skin feel!

Amazing Salve

I have severe neuropathy in my legs,feet and hands. This amazing salve is the only thing that has ever given me any relief from the pain. It doesn't take away the pain completely but it definitely makes a huge difference in the level of pain in my feet in particular. My husband tried it on his feet and it stopped the pain within a very short time. If you suffer with neuropathy this salve is definitely something you should try!

Happy Camper Game-Great for Kids of all Ages!

The printable masters are easy to copy & cut out. The front & back designs evenly line up when printing making the second step of cutting out easy. I laminated my copy so they can be used many times. Very good pictures relating to camping on each circle design. Really happy to see RV icons included , not just tents in the designs. Thanks for that.

Mother's day special

I have loved trying all my salves and chopsticks. I love the bones and joints and hemp salve, and the dandelion chapstick.

Dandelion salve

This is great on anything! I’ve given it as gifts and people love it too.


I would often get leg cramps during the night and as a result I would sleep fitfully. Now I rub some Strains and Sprains salve on my legs where I usually get the cramp before I go to sleep and I am able to get a much deeper and longer sleep because the leg cramps do not wake me up. Sometimes I forget to put it on and during the night I might get a leg cramp. I just rub some salve on the cramp and in a couple of minutes the cramp goes away and I am able to go back to sleep. I LOVE this salve. It is truly amazing.

I love the minis

I like to travel and love the minis for this purpose, I should have purchased this set in bulk at the beginning rather than one here and there. I use these so often that I love the "refill" option when I can use the big ones to refill my little ones. :)

This is Magic!

On the first use I notices marked improvement. I used it daily for a bit and now about once a week keeps my feet sweet!! Amazing product,

My feet will be so happy!

I received this as a freebie with my order and am so happy with it. My feet get cracked and dry especially from being in the pool a lot. This will be bliss!

A tin of all the good stuff!

I eyeballed this awhile ago and finally decided to grab it. I really like that I got to choose what salves to put in it! Such a great deal.
Bonus: my friend grabbed our mail while we were out of town, was curious about the package and looked up the website. She'll be ordering too❤️

Happy Feet Scrub

Smells and feels Heavenly on my heels

Happy Feet duo

Cutest gift ever, can hardly wait until my friends birthday!

Work great in other places too!!

I love this for lips!!
But I also keep a stick on the back of my toilet for those moments when I need something to help sooth & heal my perineum area; WORKS GREAT!!

Smells so YUMMY!

Love the scents! Love the lotion. Gave some away for gifts. Everyone is raving about the lotion!! Gonna buy a larger container for my friend going through chemo in her favorite scent!!

Works like a charm

My husband tried getting a sliver out with tweezers until I couldn't stand it any more! I put this salve on, put a bandaid on it and the next morning I was able to pull it off with my fingernail!

Tonya Mallory

I bought this for my DIL & SIL for Mother’s Day also. They loved this too!!


I bought this for my DIL and SIL for Mother’s Day. They absolutely loved it!!!

Miracle Salve

I have tried dozens of cremes, lotions, and salves to help calm my peripheral neuropathy from my Cauda Equina Syndrome. My wife saw this and decided to take a chance on it and gifted it to me as an anniversary gift. The very first time that I tried this salve, my neuropathy pain was instantly quelled. The pain and tingling were gone! I shed tears of joy, because my feet and lower legs had not felt that good in years!
Sometimes the pain is worse than other nights, but I would say overall, this salve has reduced my neuropathy pain by at least 80-85%! I won't go back to anything else! Thank you for sharing your talents in making this salve!

The body cream is fantastic! My skin is extremely dry and it has helped it a lot!

Love the General Conference Quotes

I love these quotes. I use them in our Relief Society Newsletters every month!! Thank you for creating them and sharing them for FREE!!

Beautiful journal love it

Just what I need

This was perfect to have so many options of quotes in a variety of colors. Made my bulletin board look well designed and impactful

Under the Sea

Love the seek it games. The graphics are so fun. I’m a speech therapist and my students love these games and help with vocab.

Medical Planner Kit

I love this!!! It has helped me keep track of my husband's medical visits, his medicines and everything related to his various conditions all in one place. I would absolutely purchase this planner again.