Story Board Kits by JODY!

Our unique Story Board Kits are a fun, interactive way to tell, retell and teach your favorite scripture stories! Each set includes characters, props, backgrounds and a blank coloring page - along with a simple summary card of each story to make teaching a breeze! Don't let our story cards limit you though... as you collect each set, you are building a fun collection of pieces that will allow you to tell MANY other stories in the scriptures!

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TIPS FOR PRINTING & ASSEMBLY: For best results, print on GLOSSY paper (photo or brochure) using your printer's best quality print setting and laminate for durability. Attach finger puppet "rings" or line the back with felt to use on a felt board. Or, print on magnetic paper to use on the fridge or magnet board. Store each set in sheet protectors & keep together in a binder.