2023 Planners & Calendars

My Planner & Calendar Collection is my MOST anticipated Fall release every year! I'll try to keep you updated via email and social media as new files are posted... or just check here throughout October! Most years, I have ALL planners and calendars released on or before Oct 31. I will be offering Print/Ship batches for Primary, RS, YW, YW Class, Everyday & Latter-day.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am anticipating some announcements/changes at GenConf that will trickle down to each auxilary... and I want to make sure each new planner reflects the updates. As a result, I won't be releasing any new calling planners until AFTER CONFERENCE... so please check back in October! If the changes affect how we plan and I'm able to properly update each planner... it will be worth the wait, PROMISE!!

Below are my anticipated/estimated release dates: (pray for me, this is over 1500 pages that need updating)!! Ha! I'll add estimated dates once I have a better understanding of the changes.

  • 2023 Everyday & Latter-day - OCTOBER
  • 2023 RS Planner & Binder Kits - OCTOBER
  • 2023 YW & YW Class Planners - OCTOBER
  • 2023 Primary, Music & Activity Days Planners - OCTOBER
  • 2023 YM, EQ & Bishopric - OCTOBER

★ If I can stay strong, I have TWO new planners I hope to release!! Stay tuned!!