Welcome to my NEW SALVE SHOP!!

This little salve-making side gig was a spin-off of my "Intro to Medicinal Herbs" Class!

After taking my class, dozens (and dozens) of ladies begged me to make and sell my favorite salves! It's something I love and am passionate about, so it was an easy choice to begin making extra batches to share with you! Many of the herbs I use in my formuals are harvested right here on my beautiful ranch in the foothills of SE Idaho!

🌿What is an herbal salve and what does it do? When skin-loving oils are infused with herbs that have medicinal value and beeswax is added, it becomes a salve! Salves have a soft ointment-like texture and are applied to the skin like a lotion or cream. Common properties in many medicinal salves include anti-microbial, anti-inflamatory, anti-septic, analgesic, anti-histamine and anti-bacterial benefits (to name a few)! Each salve and salve formula is different depending on the blend of herbs used when infusing the oils. From wound care to joint pain... and a WHOLE lot in between - herbal/medicinal salves will likely surprise you! In our house... we grab a salve before we EVER pop a pill! To learn more, click on the images below to read the specifics on each one!


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