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I love icons!! They are fun, easy to remember and can even spark meaningful discussion! So, as I began a deep study of the D&C to prepare for 2021 Come Follow Me, I looked for simple symbols in each lesson that related directly to a revelation, warning or counsel - and I found one for each week! As a fun framework for your study... use them to engage your family each week in discussions about what the symbol represents, how it relates to the lesson... AND how it can relate, remind or apply to YOUR LIFE! These icons can also be used to quiz and play memory games throughout the year to help plant important gospel truths from each lesson into your mind! You can start with the "Scratch Off" poster to reveal the icon each week! Use the chocolates and kiss wrapper as reminders and rewards, use the cards to aid in memorization of key verses, use the tokens for games/rewards, the icon calendar will keep you on track and the post-its can be used in planners, on mirrors, in lockers or to make your own study notebook! Look through the images and watch the video below for more ideas!

✱ MAIN PURPOSE: Weekly Visual Reminders & Discussion Starters

★ 52 Icons; 8 printables - you get the full year all at once!
★ Creatively alternate how you present the icons!

★ Coordinates with CFM D&C Journal  Bulletin Boards & Placemat Activity Sheets


  • Icon Poster & Weekly Tracker (11x14 & 8.5x11)
  • Dated Monthly Calendar (with icons & highlight verses)
  • Icon Cards (baseball size) with highlight verse
  • Sticky Notes (with icon, dates & weekly assignments; 2 sizes - 3x3 & 1.5x2)
  • MINIATURES Bar Wrappers: Icon, date & assignment
  • Icons for KISSES!
  • 1 Inch Icons to make game pieces, reward tokens, stickers, etc.
  • Master Reference Sheet & 2021 Schedule
  • Use Tips & Ideas Included

--> BONUS FILES ADDED OCASSIONALLY TOO (You get automatic updates emailed to you anytime a bonus file is added)!

  • Icon Bingo added 1/28/2021!
  • "deePEN" Your Conversion HALF Notebook added 3/16/2021!

✱ HOW TO USE THE ICON/TOKENS! Oh, the things you can do with these fun Icons!! Ideas... give as rewards for reading the lesson or memorizing the weekly verse, print 2 and make a match/memory game for each month, set up ways your family can "earn" them - then cash them in for a fun prize like a Sundae Bar each quarter! As the weeks go by - put them in a bag or jar and randomly pull them out and quiz everyone on which lesson they went with, what the verse was or what the symbol meant to them. So many ways!! How to make them? Laminate them or use 27mm acrylic coin holders like me (link below)!

PRINTING TIPS: As always, I recommend printing on glossy brochure paper using your printer's best quality print setting, or have printed at your local copy shop. All files included are PDF's - except for the 11x14 Weekly Icon Poster which can be ordered from your favorite photo lab. 

✱ FOR FUN USE TIPS & IDEAS scroll through all the images and watch the video clip below! 



  • 1 Inch Scratch Off Stickers: HERE
  • 27mm Acrylic Coin Holders: HERE
  • 1 Inch Bottle Caps & Epoxy Stickers: HERE


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    Customer Reviews

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    Colleen Butler

    This is a test - just making sure the review widget it working properly!!

    So helpful!

    I LOVE the 2021 ICON kit for the D&C! We use it weekly for the poster with scratch off-stickers. It helps keep my littles engaged in scripture study. And, since we started a little late in the year, the weeks that we missed are my "back-up plan" for when I'm not totally prepared to lead scripture study. We also have plans to use the icons for Bingo!


    I love it! Super cute to use with our family Come Follow Me Study and also to hand out to ministering sisters.

    Amy Smith
    Icon kit

    I love this kit for sending out challenges for my Sunday school class since we are virtual. Makes it so easy to stay connected to my teenagers!

    Carla Barnum

    Love it!

    Traci Anderson
    love, Love, LOVE!!!

    This kit is awesome! I’m using it with my Young Women and they love it.

    Kellie Pannell

    2021 Come Follow Me ANNUAL ICON KIT {D&C} PRINTABLE

    Icon kit

    Our family is not taking advantage of the full kit right now but we are using what seems appropriate for us and it is a good addition to our study.

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