Alphabet & BLANK (editable) Nugget Collection

It's time to UP our Nugget Wrapper Game with a collection of solid color alphabet wrappers + a blank sheet so you can personalize your OWN wrappers with names, words, phrases and your custom own text! Make lesson handouts, party favors, team treats, coach gifts, teacher gifts, specialized birthday gifts - all customized! Mix and match colors; great for ANY and ALL occasions!

QUICK TIP FOR ADDING TEXT USING ADOBE READER: Click on the field, hit “CTRL+E” (together) and the Font Properties box will open – this is where you can change the font, font color and font size. Each field can handle up to 2 lines of text, however you may need to reduce the font size to get the text to wrap to a second line. If a black + sign appears, that means the text and font size is too large for the space provided and should be reduced.