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Twice a year, the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come together for a weekend of conferences. There are several sessions and sometimes over 30 speakers! The speakers, both men and women, who typically hold various leadership callings, speak on topics ranging from family to prayer and from scripture study to becoming a better person... plus everything in-between! I take meticulous notes throughout the sessions and painstakingly reduce those notes to just 16 of my favorite quotes. Where possible, I try to pick uplifting, Christian messages that can cross faith lines and can be "giveable" in many circumstances; particularly within families, as lesson handouts and as an aid for ministering.

This collection is from APRIL 2019 SESSIONS

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INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING: This listing includes the collection of 16 quotes formatted as 5x7 jpeg images. Also included are 11x14 and 16x20 collage posters. I recommend ordering these as photo prints from your favorite photo lab - due to the use of white fonts, if printing at a photo lab, please "DE-SELECT" any color correction options.

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WHAT CAN I DO WITH THESE QUOTES? Print, frame and give!! You might display them in your home, swap them out on occasion, give them as uplifting and encouraging gifts, use for lesson handouts, ministering, FHE, etc.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynette Dyas
Love it!

I enjoy your General Conference quotes. Although I must say, I do like the format you last used in 2016 for the conference quotes best. Thank you for taking the time to do them AND make them available to us for free!

Adriana Backman

The General Conference Quotes {APRIL 2019} is beautiful and I am using in my planner.

Marian Tilos

General Conference Quotes {APRIL 2019} FREEBIE

Timbre Greenwood

General Conference Quotes {APRIL 2019} FREEBIE

Fun Freebie

Thank you for the Free Nugget Wraps with my purchase.... I Love Your style!!! I have bought so many things and Appreciate the discounts and Freebies you offer.. Thank so Much🌻🌻

Rochelle Raney

Thank you for offering this!

Karen McCleery
Grateful for YOU!!!

Thank you so very much for using your talent to bless and uplift the world. We have a limited budget and I appreciate that you do this great service for FREE. God Bless you dear sister for ALL you do to support and build the Kingdom of God here on earth! Can't tell you how much this means to me.

Janelle Cornwall

General Conference Quotes {APRIL 2019} FREEBIE

R. R.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork. I've ordered several items and also love your many freebies. It's always a pleasure to see how great everything looks when it's printed. Directions are always clear and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing great Conference quotes--Can't wait to see what you come up with for the next one. I appreciate the incredible products and also how you make everything affordable. Thank you!

Ken Peck
Relief Society Bulletin Board

Great resources for my calling.

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