Seek-It! Game Collection

Our "Seek It" Match Games will have everyone laughing (and RACING) to find and yell out their match! Plus, you'll love how no one can play just play ONE round! Each set comes with 55 Playing Cards + Title & Instruction Card.

★ Great game for all ages, even pre-schoolers!
★ Fun to make up and give as gift or party favor!
★ Great gift for teachers or fun for a classroom party!

PRINTING/ASSEMBLY TIPS: For best results, print on glossy brochure paper using your printer's BEST quality print setting (then reload paper to print pattern on the back side). Punch with a 3" Round Craft Punch or trim with scissors. Laminate cards for durability and play! More detailed assembly instructions included on the printable.

HOW TO PLAY: The game begins by putting one card in the center pile, then evenly distributing the rest to all players. The simple object of the game is to find the ONLY matching symbol between YOUR card and the card in the CENTER PILE - then yell out the match before your opponents. Once you find a match, you add your card to the center pile and it becomes the next card everyone matches to. The first to run out of cards, wins!