There are THREE easy ways you can access your downloads after your payment has processed.  

  1. THANK YOU/ORDER CONFIRMATION PAGE: The first spot you'll see your download link is on your Order Confirmation Page. This is the page that will open up as soon as you "Submit" your order and it processes. This page is typically created within 10-20 seconds of your order processing and a link to download your printables will be on this screen. On occasion when the system is processing several orders at once, the creation of your unique download link may be delayed. Simply stay on the screen and refresh after a minute or so. A quick note... if you have ordered a Personalized Item, your file will NOT be available immediately. I'm fast with these orders, but not that fast!! :) I'll email you your personalized order separately as soon as it's ready. When you click on the link on the Order Confirmation Page, a new page will launch and you can download from the button provided there. 

    If you accidentally close this page, or your link does not appear at all (or says it's still processing) - don't worry... just try the next option!

  2. ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL: Your link will also be emailed to you. This is fairly instantaneous and should arrive within 2-3 minutes. Two common problems people encounter if they can't find their email... 1) They have forgotten which email they used when setting up their account and check the wrong one. Your receipt and link will be emailed to the email you used when you set up your account - so be sure you are checking the correct email. 2) If after a few minutes it still hasn't arrived (and you've refreshed your screen), please also check your junk mail. Your Internet Service Provider might route it there... if they do, be sure to mark it as "safe" or add me to your contacts so it will allow emails from me to be delivered to your inbox in the future (

    Once you locate your email, you can click on the link provided and it will take you to your "File Download" page. You can also click the blue "View your Order" Button in the email - and you will be directed back to your original "Thank You / Order Confirmation Page" and you can download your files from there as well. Chances are if the links weren't there before, they'll be there now.

  3. SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT: You'll find that your download links have also been saved to each of your receipts for back up downloading. Once you are signed in, you'll see a history of all of your orders.  To access your download link for a particular order, just click on the Order # on the left side of the screen. You'll see your download link at the top of the order summary page (before your order details) and at the very bottom as well. If you click on either link, it will take you to your original download page. Having your download link archived with your order makes a great back up in case your computer ever crashes or you accidentally delete your file, or if you just can't remember where you saved it!  It's a service I pay extra for, but I think you'll agree that it's totally worth it! 


*NOTE: Links are not guaranteed for any length of time (how long they stay active will depend on my server space and how fast my hosting fees rise), so it's a good idea to get your printables downloaded to your computer as soon as is convenient. I also recommend also saving your files to an external or USB drive as your own backup.

If after reading this tutorial you are still having trouble finding your download links or would like your Order Confirmation Email resent, just let me know!