How to Print & Make Our Seek It! Games

If you are new to our Seek It Games, they are simple to make and fun to play.  Each card has one (and only one) match... each player just needs to find their match to the center card first! It's a fast game and fun to play multiple rounds... works with 2 or more players, there are 55 cards. 

An instruction card is included with each set.

I get lots of questions about printing, print settings, etc - so I thought I'd do a couple of screen shots to show you where your settings should be so your Seek It Cards turn out perfect!  First - make sure you have the "FIT" box checked... if it's on "Actual Size" - your circles will be slightly larger than 3" rounds (which means when you punch them, you'll cut off the cute edge card)!  This is the setting you should get in the habit of using when printing any of my printables.

Next... click on the "PROPERTIES" button and another box will pop open.  ALWAYS select your paper type; your print quality changes based on what YOU tell the printer you are printing on.  I also ALWAYS recommend printing on GLOSSY surface paper - so that your ink sits on top and doesn't soak into the paper. Photo paper for this project might be a bit too thick - so my paper of choice is Glossy Brochure Paper.  It's thicker than paper, but thinner than card stock AND both sides are glossy, so the cute back side will be as vibrant as the front.

Each Seek It! Game is set up exactly the same. First, print the card fronts (Pages 1-12), then reinsert the paper into your printer (facing up) and print 12 copies of Page 13, which is the cute pattern designed to be the back of the card. All of the printables you see in my photos are printed at home using my HP Envy Photo Printer (on BEST quality with glossy paper). I highly recommend the following printers in this series... 7155 or 6255 (or 7640).

Once it's printed, you COULD painstakingly cut each round card with scissors, or you can simply punch with a 3" Round Craft Punch!  I then laminate my cards for durability with my home laminator and prefer to use 5ml heat pouches

My shown in the picture above is OLD - but here's a link to an inexpensive personal one that has great reviews on Amazon. After cutting out your cards, you can store them in these DARLING round metal tins or 4x6 organza gift bags. They are great for parties, classroom activities, family game nights - or make one to give as a gift!

We hope you enjoy making and playing your Seek It Games as much as we do with our families - be sure to check out the entire collection, we have over 20 themes to choose from! We're so confident you'll love them... we want you to try your first game on us! Just use the coupon code FREETODAY at checkout to get the "Just for Fun" Edition (shown in this tutorial) as a freebie!


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Happy Printing!

QUICK SUPPLY LINKS: Glossy Brochure Paper, 3" Round Punch, Round Tins, 4x6 Organza Bags, Laminator, 5ml Pouches