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This salve has been swirling in my test kitchen for YEARS and it's finally ready to share! Many of you know my husband is a two-time cancer survivor - but it left him dealing with severe peripheral neuropathy. We went to a premier pain clinic in NYC every week for a YEAR to try to achieve pain management and nothing... not Lyrica, not gabapentin, not any combination of ANY pharmaceutical worked. In fact, studying neuropathy and pain management for the last 9 years to help him when doctors couldn't was the driving catalyst that started my herb journey! I'm super happy with this formula - and a little bit extra proud of myself as it's my most amazing formula yet (well, in my opinion anyway)! Was worth every hour I've spent researching, worth every formulation class I've taken - I'm so excited it's finally ready and hope it offers you or a loved one the same kind of relief it's given to Eric!!

HOW TO USE IT:  Apply it like lotion to the affected area; use it whenever you anticipate a flare-up or daily as needed. In general, relief will last 4-8 hours, reapply if needed. Wash hands after application. NOTE: My husband rubs this on the back of his thighs and bum (just like he would lotion) anytime he anticipates a flare-up (like sitting for a long drive, attending church - or on his feet if he knows he'll be doing alot of standing or walking). His neuropathy is severe, one application in the morning is typically enough - but on rougher days, he may reapply before bed.

HOW MUCH SHOULD I USE? This will entirely depend on how large of an area is affected by nerve/neuropathy pain, but in general, a small "glop" the size of a pump or two of lotion works well.

IS IT SAFE FOR BABIES & LITTLE KIDS? Because this formula contains menthol and eucalyptus, I do not recommend it for babies or little kids. 


  • INGREDIENTS: Hempseed Oil (Infused with Arnica & Chamomile), Beeswax, Menthol Crystals & Essential Oil Blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree 
  • Allergy note... no special note; refer to ingredient list.
  • It's has a green hugh... will it stain? I've used these salves repeatedly and have never had any clothing stain. However... I probably wouldn't use it while in my wedding dress, and definitely don't send it through the laundry! {wink, wink!} 


  • .5 oz round metal tin (1.5" wide x .75" tall): Net Wt .5 oz (same size as tins in First Aid Kit)
  • 4 oz round metal tin (3" wide by 1" tall): Net Wt 3.5 oz
  • 8 oz round plastic container (2.6" wide by 2.8" tall): Net Wt 7.5 oz


My salves are released in small homemade batches after a special (and proprietary) infusion process that took me 6 years to develop! My goal is to move as much of the natural medicinal goodness as I can from the herbs into the oil... and the result is a whole line of salves that have been uniquely currated to be surprisingly effective! In our home, we grab a salve before we EVER pop a pill!

❤ABOUT HEMPSEED OIL: Hempseed oil contains an impressive amount of omega 3, 6 & 9 and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) - each of which plays an important role in regulating inflammation in the body. This combination of essential fatty acids, in particular the ratios of 3 to 6 omegas contained in the oil, have shown to be beneficial for different types of neuropathy. Hempseed oil contains the optimal 3/1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, which has been scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory. With regular use, improvements in inflammation and pain related to conditions such as neuropathy and arthritis may be experienced.


❤ ABOUT ARNICA: Thanks to Arnicas high concentration of sesquiterpenes, it's an effective analgesic and is anti-inflammatory. It's also an anti-oxidant and is revulsive, meaning it can stimulate blood flow to surface layers of skin that can aid in and speed the healing of tissue. It's generally known to soothe muscle aches, relieve osteoarthritis, reduce inflammation, decrease pain, treat burns, and heal minor topical wounds.

❤ ABOUT MENTHOL CRYSTALS: These carefully crafted crystals are a 100% natural product that originate from cornmint (Mentha arvensis).  Menthol appears to activate a channel involved in regulation of sensory neuropathic pain, and has been studied extensively for its effects as a topical agent on painful peripheral neuropathy. In short, it induces a cooling sensation which slows pain receptor signals to the brain.

❤  ABOUT LAVENDER: Besides its divine aroma and abundant properties that promote relaxation, it's full of anti-oxidants which contribute to it's ability to speed the healing of topical wounds by accelerating skin re-generation. It's also a natural pain reliever, reduces inflammation and may relieve muscle tension and tightness making it a perfect remedy for nerve pain.

❤ ABOUT FRANKINCENSE: Frankincense Oil is prepared from the hardened gum resins that come from tapping Boswellia trees. It is known widely for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is effective at reduces redness, relieving irritation, and has been shown to deliver temporary topical pain relief from peripheral nerve pain. In scientifc terms... it's been shown to alleviate neuropathic pain via the inhibition of neuroglia activation mediated by the TLR4/MyD88 pathway and TRPV1 signaling. In easer terms - it's basically AWESOME for neuropathy!

❤ ABOUT EUCALYPTUS: Eucalyptus is used in MANY over the counter pain relievers and is often an ingredient in pain patches. Eucalyptus oil is a known pain reliever because it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as a natural warming ability which also soothes pain. It is a natural analgesic and pairs well with lavender to achieve optimal relief.

❤ ABOUT TEA TREE: Tea Tree Oil is another essential oil well known for it's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is currently being studied for it's effect on the reduction of neuropathy and nerve pain.


  • WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE? The shelf life of the oil in the salve is 1-2 years. However, to enjoy its medicinal benefits the most, I recommend using within a year.

  • HOW MUCH SALVE SHOULD I USE? In general, consider using a "small glop" the size of a pump or two of lotion and apply over the affected area 2-3x daily as needed (use less if it's a tiny area, of course)! In general, a minor topical skin issue will use much less salve than a joint or muscle issue where you are massaging the salve in. See my website or check your product label for specific application recommendations.

  • ARE SALVES SAFE FOR BABIES & SENSITIVE SKIN? I haven't conducted FDA approved clinical trials, so I can't label my salves as "for sensitive skin" or "baby safe." But, I can tell you MANY of my close friends and family use my salves on themselves and their families OFTEN & REGULARLY with great success and confidence. Just like with ANY new skin care product, there is always a potential for allergies or irritation... so test a small area first before using regularly or on a larger area. If you have KNOWN allergies, take note of the ingredient list provided on each label. And, of course, discontinue use if any kind of reaction or irritation occurs. Salves with menthol crystals, camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus are NOT intended for young children and babies.

  • A NOTE ABOUT CONSISTENCY: Depending on the temperatures where you live, your salve will arrive with a general consistency between a neosporin-type oinment and a slightly firm vaseline. Softness of the salve will vary based on your particular climate and seasonal temperature. Since the salve contains beeswax, avoid leaving in a hot car or in the sun to prevent melting. Your tin will be shrink wrapped to prevent any dripping if it does happen to soften during transit. If melting does occur, simply put it in the refrigerator to return it to its normal consistency.

✱ DISCLAIMER... These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For external use only. Product use suggestions are informational and is not medical advice. As with any skin care product - there is always potential for allergies. Review the ingredient list & test a small amount on your skin prior to normal use.


Questions? Email me at colette@mycomputerismycanvas.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Danielle P

My migraine's have been so hard to deal with over the years. This stuff helps in ways I can not describe. Tried the little one. Will be getting the big one here soon. This stuff is absolutely amazing!! So many uses. Back pain, gone. Old knee's, not a problem.

Jenn C.

My dad has neuropathy in his hands and feet as a side-effect from chemotherapy. I bought him the Hemp salve to try. It has been a lifesaver for him! He puts it on his feet at night which gives him the relief he needs to get to sleep.

Deb Mobley
Hemp Salve

I have used this on my feet for neuropathy and find it gives me almost instant relief. I was surprised but extremely pleased.

Lisa Clegg
Restless Legs

My brother has really bad nerve pain and restless leg syndrome. He can’t sleep some nights because of the pain. I ordered him a medium container to try and see if it would help him. He said when he gets it on early enough it’s super helpful. Up until he got another infection in his leg he was getting a lot of relief from this stuff.

Tonya Mallory
Feeling better

I am new to this neuropathy thing. No one knows why I have it. Anyway using this salve nightly has helped so much so I can get to sleep and not feel the needles shooting in my feet! Thank you!!

Margaret McCaul
This really works!

I have a couple of auto-immune diseases that can cause periodic pain. Nothing I have used helps for any length of time. I saw the description of this salve on your website and decided to give it a try. Success!! I massaged a small amount into each painful area and in a short amount of time the pain was manageable and then I noticed that there wasn't any pain at all. Fantastic! Thank you so much for these wonderful products.

Connie Garner
Wonderful Relief

This salve is wonderful for helping to relieve sciatic nerve pain! Rub it on my hip and down the side of my leg before going to bed so I’m able to get some sleep.

I was skeptical !

Seriously I debated for months (MONTHS!) before I finally ordered this. I talked about it with family and friends and even recommended it to a friend but I wasn't vested. Well I am now! I have had severe pain for the last few years and nothing touched it. Took the edge off - sure - but pain was still there. This salve has helped so much and brought me so much relief. Wish I would have bought it sooner!

Jeanna Grover
Night Time Relief

My husband has been using the neuropathy salve on his feet nightly - the sheets no longer feel like daggers!!! What a relief. Thank you!

Margaret McCaul
Another Wonderful Salve

I have a couple of different auto-immune diseases that I try to cope with every day. I would rather not take a lot of pain medication, so I am happy to have found this salve. I rub some of this in and get relief for several hours without getting drowsy. Thank you so much for all the wonderful salves.

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