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Pulling off a BIG event like Girls Camp or a Family Reunion is tough and having coordinating posters, flyers, signs, invitations, handouts and favors can really polish the presentation of your event! Use our blank files to easily create posters, signs, invitations, quotes, menus, schedules, stations, assignments, instructions, handouts, labels and more! All files are BLANK & EDITABLE - and come in a variety of formats: JPEG, Word Docs and PDFs. Instructions for adding text included.

★ Posters, Signs & Cards in 5 Assorted Designs
★ Posters, Signs & Cards in 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20 & 20x24
★ BLANK Handout Tags (2" Circles / 5 designs)
★ Blank Nugget Wrappers (5 assorted wrapper designs)
★ Large 8" Pennant Banner with full alphabet
★ 5" Pennant Banner with 3 full alphabets

INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING: This listing includes over 40 files and images! A list of what you get is shown below:

✔ Instruction & Tip Sheet
✔ Banners: 6 PDFs
✔ Nuggets: 1 PDF + 1 Word Doc
✔ Signs/Posters: 30 JPEGS + (4x6, 5x7 & 8x10 also PDF)
✔ Handout Tags: 1 PDF + 1 Word

HOW TO ADD TEXT TO A JPEG: Using any graphic design program or photo editing software (there are many free versions online like Canva and Gimp)... simply upload the JPEG and insert your text. Some editors will have a font selection for you, other more robust programs will let you use your own. Follow their directions to add text boxes, save and download - then for best results, order your prints from your favorite photo lab (de-select the "auto color correction" box if it's checked for you already). Your computer may already have a basic photo editing program or PhotoShop - definitely check!
HOW TO ADD TEXT TO WORD: To begin... open the file in Word and click "Enable Editing" to begin. We've already set up the file for you with our cute designs and editable text boxes; you simply just type your own text! You can adjust the font, font size and color just like you would in any Word Document. You can also add, remove and resize text boxes as needed. When finished, use "SAVE AS" and rename your file so you can find it easily in the future - doing so also keeps the original file as a blank template to use for another lesson. If you ever save over the original blank version, you can always download a new blank one here on your account history - or simply delete the text you inserted, click "SAVE AS" again and rename the file.

HOW TO ADD TEXT TO A PDF: There are two basic (and easy) ways to add text to a PDF. First, simply open the file in Adobe Reader (the most current version is best) and using the "Add Comment" function found on the right panel - simply add text boxes. You can change the font, font size, font color and can move around and resize the text box as needed. Be sure to "SAVE AS" when you are done adding your text - then print! Second, there are TONS of free online PDF Editors out there... just do a search and find one you like. Most are similar... they use an "add text box" function, just like Adobe Reader. When done, download the PDF with the newly added text and print!

PRINTING TIPS: For best results, if printing PDFs at home - use your printer's best quality print setting and glossy finish or photo paper. You can also have PDF's printed at any local copy store. JPEGs are best printed at your favorite photo lab.



TERMS: Print as much as you'd like for yourself & to make gifts!

  • Customer is purchasing printable/digital file
  • Customer to print/assemble
  • Personal Use Only (Gift Use & Fundraising OK)
  • Customer CANNOT distribute, forward or share digital file
  • Customer CANNOT sell items made from this printable

Commercial/Mass Printing Prohibited

A few printing tips...

✔ PDF's are 8.5x11 and can be printed at home or a copy shop
✔ I recommend using photo or glossy brochure paper for PDF's
✔ If printing at home, use your printer's BEST quality print setting
✔ JPEGS are formatted for printing at a photo lab

✱ DISCLAIMER: The Latter-day Saint themed products offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are neither made, provided, approved nor endorsed by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the goods offered by MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS are solely those of MY COMPUTER IS MY CANVAS and not those of Intellectual Reserve, Inc. or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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Rebecca Honstein
Camp Theme

So cute!! So many options!

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